Let your money travel with ease to Türkiye

Meet Letim, the digital wallet that will make you feel at home in Türkiye. Our convenient and secure virtual pre-paid card and QR code technology let you shop worry-free, without the need to carry cash or credit cards. Let Letim be your go-to digital wallet for a seamless shopping experience.

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Introducing the Letim physical card option, empowering Letim users to indulge in effortless payments, including the convenience of contactless payment, all without the requirement of mobile internet!

Users can apply for Letim card directly through the Letim app and choose a delivery address in Russia (17 cities) or Türkiye (81 cities). Card delivery time is 1-5 working days. The cost of card delivery for Türkiye is 100 TRY and for Russia - 250 TRY

After you receive your Letim card you can activate it through the Letim app and start using it!

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Features of Letim

With Letim’s user-friendly interface, secure and convenient payment solution Letim is the ultimate digital wallet application for tourists visiting Türkiye. Don't miss out on the benefits of Letim - download the app now and start exploring Türkiye with ease.

Top-up instantly from
all Russian banks

All currencies are converted in TRY, ready to be spent in your Letim wallet!

Pay with your Letim wallet

Through Troy card infrastructure, make payments by using QR code technology or with your physical Letim card in all online and physical stores in Türkiye.

Withdraw cash

Withdrawcash from all ATMs in Türkiye by using QR code technology or your physical Letim card, both methods ensure a quick and secure transaction process.

Money Transfer

Transfer money to bank accounts in Türkiye

With Letim you can enjoy the convenience of instant fund transfers from your Letim account to Türkiye bank accounts around the clock, 24/7.

Transfer money to Letim accounts

With Letim you can transfer money to another Letim user anytime. To transfer money between Letim accounts, all that is required is for both the sending and receiving Letim users to have successfully verified their accounts.

Digital Onboarding

Easy Registration

You can create a Letim account with a limit of 2.750 TRY only using a mobile phone number. Letim offers a digital onboarding process that allows you to verify your account in just a few steps. In easy registration no passport is required.

Account Upgrade

Simply scan your passport andtake a selfie for the liveness test to complete the verification process. Once you have successfully completed the verification, you can create a virtual Troy card which is the local payment scheme for Türkiye. No additional fee required.

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Shop Online with Letim Card

Unlock secure and seamless online shopping experiences with the Letim card in Türkiye. Enjoy worry-free transactions on digital platforms that accept Troy card payments, thanks to Letim's secure payment capabilities.

Start shopping with
Letim as soon as
you arrive in Türkiye!

Frequently asked questions

Answers to help you find what you're looking for.

What is Letim?

Letim is a digital wallet application that allows tourists visiting Türkiye to easily top up money from their bank accounts to make payments.

How can I be a Letim user?

You can easily create a Letim account with a monthly limit of 2,750₺ with your phone number. If you want to increase your limit to 250.000₺, you can verify your account by taking a photo of your passport and a selfie.

Is it possible for me to conduct transactions around the clock?

Yes, all transactions in Letim App are available 24/7.

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Letim application is now live on Apple, Android, Huawei and Ru markets!

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